Vision & Mission

Background Leadership Academy is a discipleship program awakening men to Christ’s definition of manhood and leadership.


To see individuals, families, communities, and nations changed by men of character who are called to confront evil and capable of impacting culture through authentic manhood, and visionary leadership.

We bring about that change through the power of direct discipleship (our most often neglected form of discipleship in the church).  The vision of direct discipleship is:  to create personal, intentional, rhythm of life discipleship relationships that draw all people to the beauty of authentic relationship in Christ.

What do we teach them?  We raise expectations with our curriculum, but we also then empower men to meet those expectations.

Why is direct discipleship so powerful?

  • Direct discipleship is an explicit expression of the Gospel – there’s no greater way to speak with actions instead of words what the Gospel means, then to sacrifice your time, talents, and treasures in the name of an individual that God has called you to specifically and intentionally minister to.
  • Truth is best learned in the crucible of life – Dale Losch .  We must get out of the classroom and stop acting like exposure to information is the same thing as truly learning.  Disciples don’t just need information thrown at them, they need someone to walk beside them and get their hands dirty while they physically show and demonstrate those truths to them in life.
  • It brings visible emphasis to our claim that we value people.  We say that every single person matters to, and is loved by, our God.  What better way to visibly show this than to minister to the individual in their own needs where they are at?
  • Allows us to minister to that individual – everyone is in different places experientally (in life), as well as at different starting points (in knowledge and wisdom), struggling with different issues that the Spirit will address and renew their mind toward.  We must stop casting the 40 person classroom net and begin addressing the person. This we believe, produces maximum effectiveness.
  • 7 step curricullums absolve the individual from responsibility. When we throw out cookie cutter discipleship material, we generalize a process that robs the individual by spoon feeding them every little step.  It also quantified “discipleship” down to information transfer. We must begin teaching the “big picture” of the faith and help people to apply what they have learned, but they must accept responsibility for their faith in order to meaningfully move forward.
  • Gives opportunity for exponential growth.  Dale Losch in his discipleship book “A better way”, sites the exponential growth factor available through direct discipleship.  He states that if one person, disciples one person for a year, then those two disciple two others for a year, that if you expand that out mathematically for 33 years you get………………..8 billion disciples.  I realize that discipleship doesn’t always play out perfectly year by year as mathematical formulas do, but you get the point.  Individual discipleship gives the opportunity for maximum growth in the individual, and also for maximum growth in the community of Christ, His church.  We must reclaim the priority of the individual, and stop telling ourselves that just because we can’t stand up and speak information out as a teacher of a class of 40, that we can’t meaningfully impact the kingdom in practical ways, we most certainly can.


If we were a warrior that was looking for a strategic way to attack our enemy what would we do?  Well the Bible teaches that we are warriors, and we do fight for the freedom the Gospel provides to those who are enslaved by sin.  Evil is not only real in our flesh and this world, but in the spiritual forces of darkness, it is not only real but intentional, personal, and purposeful.   We must be strategic, and take it to our enemies by maximizing our impact through two goals:

Create a discipleship movement – a revolution of the common man.  Through this goal we move the masses by the masses.  We reclaim the power and significance of the individual.  Then we start a revolution, not just of pastors and “church people”, but a revolution of all men, of the common man.  We must reclaim the common man, every man, train him, and set him loose on the devil and this world system.  We look to propagate an army of the common man, be him addict or choir boy. I’ve often found that both need the same lessons on Christ and manhood.

Intentionaly build the next generation of leaders through a year long, life on life, maximized discipleship ministry on the grounds of the Background Leadership Academy Campus.  Here we move the masses by the few,  the well trained, the intentional, the visionary leaders who have been maximized by the time, love, and learning environment that they have engrossed themselves in long term.  Here they will learn not just the content of their faith (knowledge) but the application of it in life (wisdom).  They will learn daily discipline and personal responsibility at the Academy.  What does that look like put simply?  Strong mind, strong body.  Both are essential to the disciplined warrior.

Men of faith will raise them to be men of faith through the power of spiritual fatherhood. They will be strengthened by the ability to engross themselves in their faith in life daily and nightly, built up by elder men to specifically accept leadership rolls focused on changing the world.  We will not beg young men to come to the full time Academy, they will be told that it will not be easy, that it will not be for the feint of heart, and that the expectation will be that when they leave that Academy, they are to catalysts of change as powerful leaders of God’s Kingdom.  Nothing short of that will be acceptable, we will strive, through good times and bad, as brothers, fathers, and sons in Christ, until we reach that goal together.


To communicate the truth of Christ simply, practically, and relationally.

To challenge the next generation of men to step out of the darkness of passivity and individualism and into the light of leadership and service.

To call up and equip kingdom leaders who overcome evil and affect change.

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