The Men

Today’s men grow up in a culture that leaves manhood as an undefined goal and an undirected process.  Weakness and passivity are pervasive in today’s husbands, dads, brothers and friends.

This often produces men who follow the culture into a self-focused pursuit of individualism.

The call of a man of God stands in stark contrast to the individualism taught by our culture and challenges men to sacrifice themselves for those whom God has given them to serve and lead.  This sacrifice brings life and freedom to everyone  involved.

When a man is living as God created him, our culture does not lack leadership and direction. Marriages stay together. Children learn to love and respect. The family unit (the fundamental building block of society) is strengthened in their shared purpose to glorify God and advance the Gospel.  The strength, love, and purpose of this family then radiates out to our churches, schools, communities, and finally, our nation.

Why Men’s Discipleship?

By unifying both the logic of the mind and the experience of the heart, we desire to put into action a discipleship curriculum that is designed to:

  • communicate with a postmodern culture
  • meet every man where he is at
  • teach him to corporately and personally walk together as brothers in Christ

Christ taught and led by one-on-one discipleship and our program seeks to train men in the same way. Learn more about The Program.

Visionary Leaders

God has called us to not only focus on building men, but to raise expectations, and build leaders of men! Ravi Zaccharias defines evil as “A violation of purpose”.  When we learn how to see what God sees, to see His vision for our lives, we are reunited with the purpose He has for us. We see not only what could be, but we have a strong conviction that it should be.  We learn to speak this vision into other peoples lives, then teach them how to see and articulate this powerful force into the lives of others.  We build visionary leaders, so that they might become men who propagate the power of vision into the lives of others as well. .

Dave Kraft defines a Visionary Leader as: “This individual is on a mission.  They are gifted in motivating others, setting a direction, and creating excitement and a sense of adventure.  They have a destination in mind and possess the ability to take others along on the journey.”

At Background Leadership Academy, we are actively seeking and pursuing our goal of Visionary Leadership. We desire to teach Biblical manhood and encourage and equip those to lead well and forge ahead with God-given vision.

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